Bharti Airtel to offer hosted SaaS and IaaS to SMEs, powered by HP

Bharti Airtel has announced the launch of its Cloud Enablement Platform (CLEP) based on the HP Aggregation Platform for Softwareas-a- Service (AP4SaaS). Bharti Airtel will offer hosted SaaS and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) applications to the small and large enterprises on a pay-as-you-go model.

Initially, Airtel will offer solutions like ERP, accounting packages, storage and compute on the Airtel CLEP Platform. Going forward the company will introduce diverse SaaS applications on the same platform especially for SMB customers, thereby helping them to meet the ever evolving business demands.

Airtel Cloud Services will enable businesses of all sizes to optimize their IT costs while providing security, scalability and flexibility.

HP Enterprise Services built a CLEP using the HP AP4SaaS, integrated into Bharti Airtel’s existing network system. A key component of the HP Cloud Services Enablement portfolio, the AP4SaaS is a common platform from which Airtel can not only deliver IaaS but also Communications as a Service and SaaS, either hosted on operator premises or integrated with third-party SaaS providers. It provides a flexible set of web service interfaces for enhancing the Cloud Service Provider’s (CSP) customer portal and facilitates distribution, subscription, and consumption via a marketplace portal.

HP will offer implementation and management of the end-to-end Cloud Enablement Platform.

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