Airtel milestone of 100mn Subscribers..The Success Story

Airtel has reached 100 million subscriber mark (third in the world to achieve this mark, sixth largest integrated operator in the world.).

The company took 15 years to reach the 100 million mark – here are some interesting numbers:

  • Took more than 3 years to grow from 1 million to 10 million customers
  • Reached 25 million subscriber base after 12 years of operations
  • Only nine months from 75 million customers to 100 million
  • Adds 3 million subscriber base every month.

The company plans to add 100mn subscribers in the next 3 years and is looking for acquisitions both abroad as well as the domestic market (talks with MTN failed last year).

Bharti, the parent company (changed it’s brand identity/logo is looking at sectors like entertainment and commerce aggressively and as Sunil Mittal says, it will be a lifestyle company in another 3 years.

Airtel’s Focus on the Core

Airtel has been a bold organization and is known for it’s $750mn/10 years contract to IBM (awarded in 2004), which helped the company in keeping the focus on it’s core activity and streamlined the resources on growing the business . This was the biggest domestic contract in Indian IT industry and the deal did help Airtel achieve the desired scale (deal has already touched the $2.5 billion mark as of March-end 2009).

The company has always maintained the strategy of outsourcing the non-core activities and focus on the core – which has resulted in achieving this scale.

Speed vs. Execution – What’s your take?

Sunil Mittal is quite clear when it comes to making the right choice. Watch this interview:


Initiatives to watch out for

Some of the interesting initiative from Airtel (which I believe only Airtel can do, given their industry wide long-term vision)

Aside, it’s funny that Maruti rejected dealership to Sunil Mittal citing his lack of financial resources to run the business, as the main reason!.

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