Compared : Airtel Wynk Vs. The Rest


Compared : Airtel Wynk Vs. The Rest

Recently launched Airtel’s carrier agnostic music app Wynk seems to be flying high, overtaking Times Internet’s Gaana app that has been holding the high position on the play store charts for quite some time now.

With play store’s ‘Top Free’ section putting Airtel’s Wynk above Gaana, app downloads sure seem to have gained pace (ofcourse, a new app will get more downloads than the existing ones like saavn/Gaana which already has built a substantial userbase).

Top Music Apps : Wynk Beats Gaana
Top Music Apps : Wynk Beats Gaana

With Airtel’s existing userbase that spans across the country, Airtel can use this to their advantage to promote the app. Also since the app is developed by the carrier, they have options to provide free data usage for the app which will again increase the user’s engagement with the app (operators own the pipe, after all).

In fact, other operators might end up using Airtel Wynk (or competitors) to increase their data ARPU.

Gaana Saavn Wynk Hungama Pro
Database 30 lakh songs 20 lakh songs 17 lakh songs 25 lakh songs
Price in Android Playstore (for pro subsription) 124+Data charges 110+ Data charges 99+Data charges Subscription based.
iOS (for pro subsription) 120+Data charges 120+Data charges 60+Data charges Subscription based.
Features streaming streaming ad free/hindi UI/Hello Tunes Integration Videos streaming/ Unlimited Offline Caching of songs/integrated audio and video streaming and download

Airtel Wynk, with a database of 17 lakh songs, is also an ad-free service, meaning a hassle-free usage as compared to Saavn and Gaana which rely on advertisements. Gaana claims to have a database of 30 lakh songs. Another major feature that Airtel has added to its advantage is the Hindi UI on Airtel Wynk. Being the most widely used language, this feature could easily add additional subscribers to the app. There are also features to add a particular song as Hello Tunes from Airtel – which is definitely a good integration.

There are speculations that Airtel will soon be releasing the app for desktops as well. With that in the pipeline, Airtel is already customizing the app for easier usage on slower networks too. Airtel is sure stepping up to the competition. With OTT generating a lot of revenue and telecom carriers cribbing about loss of revenue from OTT services, Airtel has a made a brilliant move and sure seems to be successful at it.

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Recent Activities In Online Music Space

– Saavn raised Series B funding in Aug 2014 / Grabbed Ranbir Kapur as a creative partner. Has also received access to T-series catalogue

– Hungama raised $40mn.

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