This Is How Airtel Defines Airtel Zero

Anti Net Neutrality or a brilliant move to seize growth opportunities in the booming app installation market?

Airtel has announced the launch of Airtel Zero, an open platform that it claims will allow developers to drop app marketing costs by two thirds the current rates.
The service will be similar in concept to toll-free voice calling, that will allow customers to access mobile applications at zero data charges.

By signing up for Airtel Zero, developers will benefit from customer onboarding, customer retention and increased user activity.

On the other hand consumers will be able to access apps for absolutely no data charges, and also try out new apps that are part of the program.
Airtel Zero has been seen as infringing on Net Neutrality, but the company’s take on the matter is that it’s a non-discriminatory marketing tool for developers in India.
At a time when app installs is big game, Airtel claims that its Airtel Zero platform can deliver the same results as traditional digital marketing channels at a third of the cost.
The company is inviting developers of all size to sign up their applications for the program, with e-commmerce company Flipkart being a rumoured customer.

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