Airtel’s Wynk Might Be What Telecom Companies Could Consider Next


Airtel’s Wynk Might Be What Telecom Companies Could Consider Next

In a first of its kind move in Indian telecom industry, Airtel has launched a carrier agnostic app – Airtel Wynk, designed to introduce music lovers to an expert curated library of over 1.7 million songs including Hindi, regional and International hits. This app will work across all mobile operators and supports streaming, download and an ad-free interface.

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Wynk is available for download on Android and iOS platforms. The free version of Wynk allows users to stream songs and listen to internet radio. With Wynk Plus, users can enjoy unlimited in-app song downloads and play music offline at INR99 on Android and INR60 on iOS. Airtel customers using Android phones can enjoy a special introductory price of just INR29 on this. Wynk Freedom subscription at INR129 is available exclusively to Airtel customers in 3G circles using Android phones which allows them to get all-inclusive unlimited streaming and download of music without incurring additional data charges. The app also provides a Hindi interface.

This move from Airtel to monetize from over-the-top services is an intelligent one considering that other OTT players like Facebook and Whatsapp have been eating into the telecom revenue, which depended mainly on voice calling and text messages. With the new reports shedding light on the increasing revenue that telecom companies are generating from data and data based services, Airtel has secured the first-mover advantage.

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