Finally an alarm clock from Google and Lenovo which does it’s one job, perfectly right : Waking you up

Surprisingly, most product innovations can come from just asking the simple question, that what’s the one thing which the product is supposed to do precisely right?
What would be an ideal alarm clock? This is almost 2020, but alarm clocks still ‘scares’ rather than ‘wakes’.

No more, as Google and Lenovo have jointly together developed a new alarm clock, which wakes us gently using brightness and animation, rather than ‘bolt from the blue’ sound. So next time, when you wake up, it would be a ‘rising’ to a gentle soothing light, as if sun is just out, rather than jingle bells playing in background.

And this almost Rs.5,000 device would show time and weather, play podcasts and news and would be able to control smart home devices. The clock is covered with soft grey cloth and sports a 4 inch display, Google Assistant comes inbuilt.

Over a period of time as it learns from the daily activity of the user, it would itself offer alarm suggestions, based on lifestyle. Well, whether people will heed to that, only time will tell.
[Source: (Business Insider)]

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