IsDueOn – Alert Service for What’er is due on..

If you are the kind who waits for the last day to pay your bills, you surely need an alert mechanism that will prompt you of pending bills few days in advance.

IsDueOn is a Mumbai based startup that enables you to receive alerts for all things that are due on certain date!

The idea is pretty simple – you login to the system and add alerts for all the bills that you need to pay (tweak that and you can add alerts for events like birthdays/anniversaries too) – IsDueOn will send you email alerts (sms and twitter support in future).

At the core, I am not really sure there is a differentiation strong enough to ply on (sort of rememberthemilk?) – but if the team gets it right, they can for instance, tie up with event aggregators (i.e. offer their alert platform) or integrate with other platforms (like Google Calendar, or even electricity department!) to be more meaningful.

As far as product is concerned, it has a confusing registration process (unique, but is surely not intuitive enough) but overall, it does sound interesting – as it solves major painpoint for many of us.

Do give IsDueOn a dekho – how do you think can they make their service more useful?
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