AlertPedia helps you stay ‘Alert’

Need to set an alert when a job matching your requirement is available? Or an alert on traffic situation?

AlertPedia lets you create alerts for different type of events/occurences – ranging from health, product recalls, craiglist, travel, real estate etc.

You specify what you like to be alerted about (e.g., bike on sale on Bangalore Craigslist, food recalls, PHP jobs in Bangalore,) – alertpedia monitors several reliable online sources, and emails you when the relevant event happens.

Alertpedia also has an interesting proposition for publishers – they can set up an Alertpedia widget on their site that will enable visitors to setup alerts for specific keywords in the site (visitors will be emailed, if the keyword appears in any of the post).

The startup, primarily focused on US market is launching it’s services for the Indian market as well (though the current interface doesn’t seem to have Indian providers).

Well, the Indian market is completely different and very few of these services are available as free APIs. Most of these are governed by business partnership – be it traffic, deals etc. (for e.g. Zook alerts).

Do give Alertpedia a spin and share your comments. What kind of services would you like to subscribe to?

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