Here is the how authorities are implementing social media tax in Uganda

Uganda has launched Social media tax, and authorities have wrotten a new rule requiring that the http request be run through the charging system.
When a user pays the tax, the mobile money system itself communicates with the charging system, sending information including the phone number and period of validity for their tax payment.
So, when a request for access to any of the taxable apps is sent to the charging system, that phone number is checked against information sent in from the mobile money system.
If everything checks out, the request is served. If there is no record of tax payment or the payment has expired, the request is denied.

Smaller internet service providers are not even bothering with the details of the new regulatio . They have simply increased the cost of data across the board, assuming that whoever has access to the internet will in fact use anyone of the now taxable sites or apps at least once a day.

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