Alibaba Introduces New Payment System That Lets VR Shoppers Pay By Nodding Their Heads

If you are concerned about providing credit card details, every time you shop, then Alibaba has a neat solution for you. The Chinese e-commerce giant’s finance wing has demonstrated a payment service that allows virtual reality shoppers to pay for things in future just by nodding their heads.

Called ‘VR Pay’, the technology lets people using virtual reality goggles to browse virtual reality shopping malls to pay for purchases without taking off the goggles. They can just nod or look instead. The users’ identity is verified using the account logins on connected devices or via voice print technology that recognizes their unique voice. Users still have to enter a password, which they can do “with head movements, touch, or by staring at a point on virtual display for longer than 1.5 seconds”.

VR Pay is expected to be ready for launch by the end of this year.

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