Alibaba A.I. Labs Launches AliGenie 2.0 to Enable Visual-Recognition for Speaker

Alibaba A.I. Labs, which leads the development of artificial intelligence – powered consumer applications and products in Alibaba Group, has announced the launch of AliGenie 2.0.
The updated human – computer interaction system will enable Tmall Genie X1, the Labs’ first smart speaker with visual – recognition capability, to scan and read over 100 sets of children’s books as well as 40,000 medicine boxes.

Tmall Genie reading children books
Tmall Genie reading children books
AliGenie is the A.I. platform powering Tmall Genie.
The visual-recognition capability is achieved through “Genie FireEye”, a new function in Tmall Genie’s mobile app. The function is activated by scanning a QR code that comes with a phone holder “XHolder”, which is available for RMB 49 each.

It can then use the front-facing camera in a user’s cell phone to scan the cover and read the children’s books by leveraging the image-processing and visual-recognition capabilities of AliGenie.
Tmall Genie Reading Medicine Box
Tmall Genie Reading Medicine Box
The function also makes Tmall Genie a good companion for the elderly, as medical information such as side effects and expiration date can be retrieved and read out by scanning over 40,000 medicine boxes. Alibaba A.I. Labs has partnered with publishers in China and AliHealth, Alibaba’s healthcare subsidiary on the project.
Real world use case of AI?

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