All we hear is Internet Radio Ga Ga – can’t get sexier than this!


All we hear is Internet Radio Ga Ga – can’t get sexier than this!

And when you thought internet radio can’t go beyond the present (i.e. the usual/boring Yahoo/MSN/Real radio), Musicovery happened!

What makes Musicovery so special?

Well, you have got to see it to believe it.
Musicovery can play music of different genres, mood etc. You can select your music style, sit back and relax!!

So what? Everybody does that! What makes it really special?
The presentation. If you are into Product Management or interested in UI designs, you have got to watch the way Musicovery has *sexily* managed the complicated list of options (Within Rock genre, you can play Dark/Calm/Energetic/Positive kinda music and the selection is damn easy).

Though you can’t build your own playlist and do all the usual stuff, Musicovery brings a very fresh and sexy perspective to Internet radio.

A word of caution — It’s damn addictive!

The downside?
It’s free for the 1st few hours (or maybe minutes), and then you have gotta pay subscription fee (which isn’t too high, 2 Euro for 30 days!).
Don’t worry – the workaround is pretty simple. Simply close the browser and start a new session.

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