allMemoirs Creates A Personalised Shopping Portal Just For You

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allMemoirs Creates A Personalised Shopping Portal Just For You

allmemoirsThere are a multitude of ecommerce portals on the Internet retailing in a large number of products in varied categories. One of the biggest problems haunting a customer is, finding or discovering a product that suits their choice or preference among all these available options.

How about a personalised service that curates only the products that suit your requirement, from around the Internet, all at one place. This is what allMemoirs wants to do for you. The personalised shopping and discovery service curates from millions of products present online across thousands of sites and displays them to you through their portal.

On registration, the service asks you for the choice of collections which you want to see. Soon you will be able to choose which all tags to follow and which not to. This will ensure that you will see products from the tags, collections and brands that you have chosen to follow.

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There are 3 main segments to the website,

Product Discovery –  Here products are classified into collections and tags, making it easier for you to find products.

Gift Ideas – In this segment products are classified into gift Ideas based on relation, occasion, mood, interests, age and price.

Wishlist and Curation – This segment allows you to save products into three buckets, what you like, what you wish and what you want to gift.

These services are also offered on the Mobile Apps, which was launched 2 months back, and on Facebook as Facebook Page Tags.

The portal, which launched 6 months back, currently has over 3000 registered users and has crossed 50,000 monthly visits.

iphoneTheir mobile app is available for both the iOS and Android platform and has crossed 10,000 download between both the app stores.

As far as curation goes, content is not only from Indian portal, but also from portals outside the country, after ensuring that the site supports shipping their products to Indian customers.

Merchants interested in featuring their product on the portal can upload it under the respective category. They will also get access to reports on their product performance.

Offline merchants can also be integrated into the site and app to feature their products.The portal specifies that it will not get into logistics, but act more like a matchmaker for users and offline merchants.

The service generates revenues through Affiliation from merchants and Ad revenues once the merchants start using the platform for marketing.

Sweet Couch, Scrapehere, Roposo, Giveter and Wishpicker are some of the other portals that offer a similar service.

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