Alma Mater Launches Play, a DIY Tool to Create Tee Designs, Loaded with Social Features as well

Online custom tee shirt store Alma Mater, has launched a very cool new feature called Play, which allows you to make tee shirts for your group and share it with friends or members of the group.

The best part about the new feature is that its nearly a social network for tee shirts. You could look for a group that you belong to in the real world or create one, and make a custom tee shirt with Alma Mater’s online editing tool and invite your friends to join.

AlmaMater's Play Tool
AlmaMater’s Play Tool

What’s cool about this is that there is a certain amount of virality built into it (you can invite your friends to co-design tees). On the business side, bulk orders mean better margins and more volumes and importantly, this is a 100% DIY platform, which opens up opportunities to create brand merchandise/stores.

Alma Mater, backed by the Indian Angel Network has become quite popular in campuses for their custom merchandise. The startup, by 26 year old Varun Aggarwal & Rohn Malhotra, has a massive fan following on Facebook. Aggarwal has a fascinating account of how he started off. Watch him speak at one of our startup conferences below.

Note to the team: The Google and Facebook sign in seems to be buggy (see pic).

Alma Error

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