Also, Pankaj, the great

Also, Pankaj, the great insight that Bharat gave us is that you need an org structure to manage the growth and not the other way around. 

The  org  structure will not lead you to  growth.  The  question  is,  are the entrepreneur team, management team or the founding team focused enough on the fundamentals of growth rather than the fundamentals of building the organization first? 

I think the interplay of that is very critical, at what point in time, what comes first, and what comes after. That is my takeaway from this.


There is no doubt that your structure and processes can choke growth, potentially, but they are not your main cause for growth. 

I won’t say choke your growth; they can give some friction to growth, but rarely can they cause growth. 

The cause of growth is going to be the market and your offerings.

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