NextBigWhat Huddle has been created to ensure that working remote does not get boring and you continue to get insights + real-world lessons from founders and product leaders on building and scaling product-led businesses.

On Monday (April 13th), we have Jasminder Singh Gulati, Co-founder @ NowFloats joining us for an AMA on How To Build A Sales Engine. Jasminder will also talk about right-sizing your capabilities and team – given the time we live in.

The traditional wisdom is that building a SAAS business in India selling to Indian SMEs is just not possible/worth it. Well, Jasminder and his team proved everyone wrong with over 130,000 merchants on their platform accounting for 5% of all traffic generated by Indian SMBs.

At the heart of this incredible sales and growth story is the art and science of building a great sales playbook engine, and Jasminder has really perfected this craft over many years. He will be sharing his lessons and journey to this effect and taking questions on this edition of Huddle, so make sure to register.

We may tend to approach SMEs with facts, numbers, and figures, trying to generalize what areas require innovation. But when it comes to SMEs, it’s not the big data that matters, it’s the small details. It’s about the small insights, it’s about ‘visibly demonstrating’ that you are helping them.

Jasminder on his approach to SMBs.

When: April 13th (Monday) | 5 PM IST
Ideal for: Founders, Sales Leads/Teams, Product Marketeers

You can also watch the AMA live on Facebook & Youtube.

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