AMA on Building Products and Teams – Rahul Ganjoo, VP Product, Zomato

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On Wednesday (April 8th), we have Rahul Ganjoo, VP of Product @ Zomato joining us for an AMA on Building Products & Teams.

Zomato, with over 5000 employees, is a company that continues to scale newer heights even after a decade of inception. It all boils down to successfully building product and at the same time building teams that can carry and elevate the product. Having worked on a massive global product and team for a while now, Rahul is in an unique position to offer insights on how to do the same without sacrificing efficiency or scale.

Rahul is the VP of Product @Zomato. Also, he has earlier led products at Snapdeal and worked with the Twitter product management team.

When: April 8th (Wednesday) | 5 PM IST
Ideal for: Product Managers, Product Leaders & Founders.

You can also watch the AMA live on Facebook & Youtube.

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