Devs Can Target Android & Fire Users With Amazon’s New Ad Platform

Amazon has announced the launch of its new advertising platform – Advertise Your App with Amazon – for mobile app developers who rely on the Amazon Appstore or the Google Play Store for distribution.
Amazon Ad Platform
The company claims setting up campaigns takes as little as 90 seconds. The minimum amount advertisers can spend is $100 and devs get charged only when users click on the ads. However, the company isn’t guaranteeing the performance of ads on its platform.
Devs can also select what type of users they want to acquire based on their interests, or even let Amazon do the selecting for them. The “Enable Google Play Support” option that allows users who don’t have the Amazon Appstore installed to download the app from the Play Store.
Amazon’s new service isn’t the only one out there, however, with Facebook announcing in December last year that devs could begin targeting Amazon Fire tablet users with its Facebook Install Ads.
The US retail giant however is hinging on the fact that though its Fire tablet user base is far smaller than Google’s Android ecosystem, its own App Store revenues top that of the Google Play Store as it can drive far higher in-app purchases.

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