Amazon Launches AWS Device Farm For Testing Apps On Physical Devices

Amazon has launched AWS device farm that will help Android and Fire OS developers test their apps on physical smartphones and tablets over the cloud.


AWS Device Farm will allow developers to upload and test their apps on a wide range of popular mobile devices that include the latest device-OS combinations.

Google announced Cloud Test Lab at I/O just a few weeks ago and there are a few other companies that already offer similar services.

How It Works

Developers simply upload their apps, choose the devices they want to test it on and Amazon takes care of the rest. The end result is a bug report that lets a developer know exactly what to start working on.

Further, the service also lets developers script their own tests with the help of services such as Appium, Calabash and Espresso.

Amazon is offering users of its new service 250 device minutes for free. Post that the charges increase to $0.17 per device minute or users can opt to pay a flat fee of $250 per device per month.

Rival service Xamarin, on the other hand charges $1,000 for 200 hours of device use per month with no restriction on the number of devices. Google hasn’t yet announced the pricing of its service.

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