Caught : Amazon Employees Tried Duping Flipkart

Few weeks back, Delhi police was seeking help from Flipkart to find 209 stolen phones and two Amazon employees, inspired by this story, tried taking Flipkart for a ride.

Snapdeal Sent Soap Instead Of Phone?
Earlier: Snapdeal Sent Soap Instead Of Phone?

The duo (Naveen and Atul) ordered iPhone from Flipkart and when they received it, they told Flipkart that all they got was stones. Flipkart refunded the money.

End of the story?

No – Flipkart lodged a complaint with the police to find the missing iPhone and the police figured out that the phone was with a guy named Manish Sharma, friends with Naveen and Atul (source).

Flop-kart for them? Yes, but the sad truth is that a lot of customers use this tactics and get away as the companies don’t want to go all-out due to the social media pressure.

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