Indian Businesses Can Now Sell Their Products Across The Globe Via Amazon

Amazon has announced the launch of its Global Selling Program in India through which the country’s manufacturers will be able to sell their products to buyers across the world.


The company is extending its Selling on Amazon (SOA) and Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) services to Indian businesses of all sizes to sell their products on and initially.

The program will allow sellers to export products in the Apparel, Home Furnishing (including Indian Handicrafts), Jewelry, Books, Collectibles, Sporting Goods, Handbags, Shoes and Health & Beauty products categories.

Amazon says the move will give Indian businesses access to its 270 million+ customers across the globe.

Selling on Amazon offers businesses an international sales channel with no product listing fees. Fulfillment by Amazon will allow them to store their products at Amazon warehouses where the company handles packing, delivery, customer service and returns.

Further, Amazon will provide sellers local enablement solutions through verified third-party service providers to aid in logistics, taxation and compliance.

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