Amazon applies for approval to setup its courier service in India, Mumbai to be the Delivery Hub


Amazon is entering Indian market and now Amazon has applied for approval to setup its logistic  (courier) services in India.

Amazon's Application to provide Courier Service in India
Amazon&39;s Application to provide Courier Service in India

In its current form, 100% FDI is allowed in courier service, though it requires FIPB approval and Amazon APAC team applied for the approval (to provide courier service within India) on Dec 13th, 2011.

Amazon’s Launch Date in India

It’s speculated that Amazon will enter Indian market at maximum by Q2, 2012 and if you look at current openings, it’s clear that Amazon is looking for delivery operations manager for its fulfillment center. And it seems, Mumbai will be the starting point for deliver center.

Highlights from current open positions at Amazon India

– Experience in logistics field desirable and the experience in courier industry highly preferred

– Experience in handling live operation preferred (wherein decisions have to taken on the spot and actions needs to be initiated right away)

Knowledge of Mumbai topography is an added advantage.

– Defining the transportation process from central hub to various locations in the region.

– Planning the capacity of the transport organization to handle the peak time loads.

– We’re seeking a Delivery Operations manager. In this role you will be responsible for setting up and running the transportation infrastructure in a given region.


2012 will be an interesting year for ecommerce industry, especially when Amazon enters India and goes through the Indian landscape looking for acquisition.

Flipkart vs. Infibeam – What’s your take on Amazon’s acquisition interest? OR have VCs made the ecommerce market too inflated for Amazon to skip the acquisition route and instead setup its own infrastructure?

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  1. I want to start warehouse in mumbai or thane or in pine exactly what I should do & to whom should I communicate this.

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