Amazon India launches Release Day Delivery


Amazon India launches Release Day Delivery

has launched the Release Day Delivery (RDD) service where customers can pre-order selected products and new products are delivered on the day of the release. The service was launched along with theAmazon Delivery Associate handing over the Xbox One at midnight to a customer and her son  in Bangalore. Just at the Time when X box One was released in India. release of Xbox One.

Amazon India, going for a gimmick, also tried a midnight delivery for the Xbox orders where the product was delivered to users across various cities by 00:01 AM when it was released in India.

Amit Agarwal, Vice President and Country Manager, Amazon India, said that this was Amazon’s way of delivering smiles to its customers and that the company is delighted by the response it has got for the newly launched service. has enabled Release Day Delivery for the video games category at launch and will soon be adding other categories.

Here’s a short video that captures the midnight delivery experience:

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