This is why Amazon’s Junglee is gonna SMASH the B**ls of Indian e-Commerce players

Ever since Amazon’s Junglee is live, we are hearing of different kind of feedback from consumers. Some think Amazon has gotten deep into ‘niche players’ and has done a much better job of product discovery/comparison and for others, they are busy finding minor faults in the service.

[Editorial notes: Ever since Amazon’s Junglee has gone live in India, we are getting mixed opinions/feedback from consumers. Some think that Amazon has gotten deep into ‘niche players’ and has done a much better job of product discovery/comparison and for others, they are busy finding minor faults in the service. Alok Kejriwal, founder of Games2Win pretty much sets the record straight with examples of how being a meta player might just work well for Amazon as opposed to handling logistics/inventory from day one. Read on.]



I am in LOVE!


So, I heard about it yesterday on the viral channels (NO ADVERTISING) and instantly felt CONNECTED.

[ps – In case you live in the Himalayas and still don’t know, is an AMAZON Company and has been launched in India as a Price Comparison Portal (for starters).]

Ok – So, WHY do I like so much and so fast?

Check this: lets me figure out WHERE I CAN BUY STUFF.

In short – the stuff I want, can be ANYWHERE – Junglee helps me FIND OUT WHERE!


– I want a ‘No Country for Old Men’ DVD

I type the same on Google. I see Jack Shit (in relevance to what I want)

Ok, so I click on the Left Hand side ‘Shopping’ tab (after setting Mumbai as my location). I see Monkey Dung (none of these sites or prices make any sense to me)

Ok, so now I go to FLIPKART and see that the movie is out of stock 🙁

Hmmmm…. So, I go to my newfound friend –

I FIND what I am looking for in 2 options – Blue Ray and normal DVD!!


So, what just happened, thanks to JUNGLEE?

– I found what I wanted!

– I got a choice of formats!!

– I discovered a new site for buying Movies that I had never heard of before!!!

Now, consider another angle:


I type ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ on Flipkart.

This is what I see:

Ok, cool. But when I do so on, I see some awesome VARIATIONS of the book I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE!

There are Audio Books, special old editions (that I may like just for the collector in me), etc. And, for Me the MARWARI – the price range is also there!

Check out:

If you look carefully, Junglee is ALSO offering me to buy books that are cheaper than Flipkart – BUT the point is – SOMETIMES, I MAY WANT something MORE than just better price.

This is why I think JUNGLEE is gonna SMASH the Balls of all the e-Commerce players in India:

– Price discovery and end purchase is now taken to a nuclear level.

– By being a discovery and comparison portal ONLY (so no e-commerce), JUNGLEE remains UNBIASED in showing ALL the options available [ps – Flipkart is not there :-)) ]

– I get into the habit of CHECKING FIRST at Junglee. So Junglee is my Google for Shopping.

– If I want DVDs that WORK (yeah – the Indian ones don’t sometimes), I can buy them from AMAZON directly (part of the options provided by Junglee). So, I can fulfill my intent – buy BETTER, not just cheap. This is also because of the rating engines of Amazon etc.

– e-Commerce Portals will survive ONLY if they have UNIQUE STUFF to sell – NOT CHEAP PRICE ONLY!!!

– All the stupid money spent in BUILDING BRAND AND IMAGE AND ALL THAT Frog Spit gets washed out. I had never heard of Movie Mart and never will – but who cares? They got my business of Rs 450 today!!

– Junglee (Amazon) will become the Chief Lead Provider. If you don’t feature here, YOU ARE DEAD! (dead, as in, you will then spend crores fighting for your brand and to make me remember to come visit you)

– Over a period of time, AMAZON learns what Indians WANT and WHY – and then, they just do it themselves!!!

YEAH, I like this kinda e-Commerce, man….!

[Reproduced from Alok’s blog]

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