Amazon Lobbies In the US for FDI in Retail in India

Online retailer Amazon has been lobbying with the United States to push foreign direct investment in India’s retail industry. A disclosure filed by the online retailer’s lobbyist, revealed that among other issues, Amazon has also been batting for the facilitation of FDI in retail in India.


In the last quarter of 2013, the lobbyist spent nearly $960,000. The disclosure states that Amazon has been lobbying with the Senate on

“Issues related to free trade agreements, including the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership, and foreign direct investment in India.”

Other lobbying activities range from issues related to online wine sales, cyber-security, cloud security, Federal IT transformation/cloud computing and big data and postal reform among others.

The retail giant launched a marketplace in India in June this year.

Previously, Wal-mart had lobbied for FDI in retail in India and got into a controversy regarding the issue.

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