Amazon Offers Better Prices For Tablets Than FlipKart [Ecommerce Insights]


Amazon Offers Better Prices For Tablets Than FlipKart [Ecommerce Insights]

Amazon introduced Kindle to capture then e-books market. Apple has a category defining product in iPads and then there are all sorts of tablets built over Android. In this report we will look at catalogue size of Flipkart and Amazon, common SKUs and better seller in pricing for common SKUs.

This data is sourced from FindYogi Tablets. Only new products that are under manufacturer warranty and available as on 4th Week of April 2014 is covered in this report.

  • Flipkart has 167 SKUs to offer to its customers in Tablets category. Different color variants of the same product are considered as single SKU.
  • Amazon has 163 SKUs in tablet category.
  • Competition is neck to neck but Flipkart has better catalogue than Amazon. If we look at catalogue size there’s a marginal difference of only 4 SKUs.

Common SKUs in Flipkart and Amazon

common sku amazon flipkart

  • There are 104 overlapping SKUs between Flipkart and Amazon. This is 62% of Flipkart’s total SKUs under tablets category.
  • 64% of Amazon’s total SKUs under this category are also available with Flipkart.
  • Flipkart has 38% i.e. 63 exclusive SKUs which is not available on Amazon.

Better seller for common SKUs – Flipkart or Amazon?

amazon flipkart best seller

  • This chart puts our curiosity to rest. Amazon has 65% better priced SKUs under tablets category.
  • This 65% here means that for 68 SKUs out of 104 overlapping SKUs, Amazon offer better prices.
  • Flipkart currently has better prices for only 36 SKUs out of 104 overlapping SKUs under Tablets category. This gets them 35% of the total.

Despite of marginal lack in catalogue size, exclusive products Amazon still rises as a better seller for overlapping SKUs.

Next – With our next report of this series, we would look into Cameras category. If you are looking for a specific report please tweet your request to @NextBigWhat. All reports are published through data sourced from our partners

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