Amazon Partners With Audi To Test Delivery Of Parcels To Car Trunks

Amazon has partnered with carmaker Audi to begin testing the delivery of parcels directly to the boots of customers in Germany.

Amazon Audi Partnership

The pilot program will be rolled out for a select group of Audi owners with Amazon Prime subscriptions in the Munich area starting next month.

While the e-commerce giant hasn’t made it clear when such a service could be broadly rolled out, it did say the pilot is a first step to allow Prime customers to order goods to straight to their vehicles.

Amazon will employ DHL to make the deliveries to car trunks, and aims to reduce the number of failed delivery attempts and also ease customer frustration for not being home when deliveries are made.

For Audi, the service will serve as yet another selling point for its connected cars, and since the delivery agent won’t have access to the car’s cabin, there will be no insurance implications.

The tech works by customers indicating the rough location of the vehicle and a desired delivery time, following which a DHL agent will be notified of the car’s exact position via a smartphone app.

The agent will be granted a one-time keyless access to the car’s boot. To sign up for the service, customers will have to agree for their vehicles to be tracked for a specific time, and post delivery will be notified via email.

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