How Amazon names its new products is something worth decoding

Amazon launches a new Android browser and calls it ‘Internet’.
Amazon Prime music is called Prime Music, but the app store icon is : Music (FYI: the app icon of Prime video, which is a much established product is Prime Video and not Video).

When you are last to launch in a category, the only way to own the category is by owning the very keyword that defines the category.
Here is how it works. When you are searching for the Prime Music app, Amazon trains you to type ‘music‘ and the more you do it, the more it becomes synonymous with the purpose (somewhere in your subconscious mind).
Case in point: My usage of Saavn has gone down drastically (am a pro member), once I started using Prime Music. Given its integration with Alexa, it just becomes a logical path to start equating music with Amazon.
Let’s see if it does the same for ‘Internet’? What’s your hunch? Will people in Tier-3 places equate Internet = Amazon?

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