Amazon: The Good, The Bad and…?

Amazon is without a doubt the biggest e-commerce company in the world. It is soon going to set foot in India and with that there is a lot of growing concern among smaller players. Almost every single one of those who have started or are looking to start an e-commerce portal must have checked Amazon thoroughly to try and understand what they do to be so successful. We have heard very good customer reviews and stories and no doubt they take very good care of their customers. But how does the company, which grossed $48.1 billion in sales last year,  fare in other areas, such as employee satisfaction and corporate social responsibility?

The answer to that is, Not So Well, according to an infographic from MBAOnline. In fact, according to the infographic, Amazon seems be concerned more about saving money than other things. For example, on a 102-degree day in June 2011, 15 workers in an Amazon warehouse collapsed from the lack of air conditioning, six of whom needed to be rushed to the emergency room. And despite a $5 billion cash reserve, Amazon donates nothing to charities — if an employee wants to deduct a donation from his or her paycheck, he or she has to pay an additional processing fee of 6%.

And there is more to it. The company removed the light bulbs from all of its vending machines to save $20,000 a year. Shortly, the infographic shows, “Amazon is cheap”. Have a look at the infographic:

Do you think Amazon’s money-saving initiatives go too far, or do you think it shows good business sense? Would you want to be like Amazon in this behavior? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

[About the author: Prateek Panda is currently the Managing Editor at, a technology news service which aims to bridge the gap between the geeks and non-geeks and make life simpler around technology. You can read more about him here].

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