Amazon’s fork now coming to Blockchain

What Amazon did to books, cloud and date centres could be something worth watching in the still-evolving Blockchain space too.
Now that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has joined hands with ethereum design-studio Consensys; may be enterprise-grade specs, ease and speed could turn the game for enterprise blockchains.
Being touted as a ‘business’ blockchain cloud service, Kaleido’s punch is about letting enterprises ease in with smooth on-boarding and a simple way to operate private blockchain networks. The word to underline here is not blockchain but ‘private’ as this is a genre that gives scale and speed in comparison to ‘public’ options, but the complexity and burden of maintaining innate qualities of a blockchain have been issues that have taken the fizz out of it.
Options for anchoring the private chain to the public blockchain and allowing convergence of both models; along with room for juggling between configurations and consensus algorithms are tough nails well-hammered this time. Steve Cerveny, Kaleido Founder presents this attempt as something that would help realise blockchain’s real promise, change economic equations (with lower operating costs and faster deployment cycles) and simplify the enterprise journey.
Another horse in its stable. Would AWS spin its magic and change the game in blockchain space too? Live production networks? Let’s see.