Ambient Clocks – Google Calendar delivered offline

Oh well!! One of the drivers of success/failure of a product is how well you can expand the ecosystem!!. Have a look at iPod – it’s not just the product, but the ecosystem [i.e. sexy iPod accessories/gadgets] which boosts the user experience. This phenomena is also referred as Network effect.
And it’s the same with Flickr as well.

And of course, it’s the same with Google too.
Have a look at this wonderful piece of clock, which integrates with Google calendar and displays your events for the day.

And all you need to do is login to your Goog account, allow the clock to access your data; and the clock will retrieve the calendar updates via Ambient’s wireless network, Bluetooth,USB etc.

And if you are wondering if this is just another clock. well think twice. This clock, though not currently in production is for real [i.e. flesh and bone, if you call it!]. The simulation version is available for Google Widgets.

If you are a heavy user of Google calendar, Ambient clock will work just right for you.

Ambient clock has rectangular blocks for scheduled appointment around the circumference of the clock, displays travel time to meetings as little dots running till the appointment block (travel time is calculated using Google Maps!).
Besides all this, the clock changes backlight according to your Goog calendar appointment [Blue for no events, Yellow for 10 mins before the meeting, Orange for mid-event!!]

Creativity definitely knows no bounds.!!

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