Flipkart and Snapdeal Metrics Bogus, Amazon is No.1 E-commerce Company, Says Amit Agarwal

After Flipkart declared victory in the recently concluded festive season sale and took jibe at rival Amazon, for selling “churan, hing, and eggs, instead of actual goods,” the company’s India head Amit Agarwal, has lashed out at Flipkart and Snapdeal in an interview, terming the metrics followed by them as “bogus”.

He said that the e-commerce industry was seeing a paradigm shift, with the online purchase of items of daily use becoming a habit, and not just electronic goods.

Agarwal said that Amazon is the number one e-commerce company in terms of selection, reliability, convenience, price and availability, and claimed that what the company has achieved in just three years, has taken 10+ years and multiple acquisitions for its rivals to reach (via).


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