In 6 Months, DelightCircle Signs Up 25k Merchants, reaches 1 million people; Targets 100k+ merchants this year

DelightCircle has now launched a few new updates to its app. Amit Baid, the CEO & Cofounder of DelightCircle shared a few updates.

Delight CircleSix months ago, when we wrote about Delight Circle– the location based app that increases walk-ins to shops by rewarding shoppers, we saw great potential for the business. The only question was, how does one deal with all the complexities involved in retail business and scale fast enough. In India, where location based services are yet to take off in a big way, how does a location based app make it big?

It appears that DelightCircle has managed to scale quickly. The startup has signed up more than 25,000 merchants and over 350 brands in 10 cities in a span of about 6 months from launch. The company has signed up some of the largest retailers such as Hypercity, Reliance Digital and over 50 small and medium businesses, disrupting the existing customer relationship and loyalty management business.

DelightCircle has now launched a few new updates to its app. Amit Baid, the CEO & Cofounder of DelightCircle shared a few updates.

At first, the company introduced a SaaS based marketing platform for merchants. It allowed them to create offers targeted by location and demographics, create loyalty program and view consumer activity in real time. Merchants can also use this platform to created location based campaigns not just on DelightCircle but also on mobile websites, text messages and partner apps.

With Delight Circle’s app for consumers, users can avail discounts and offers created by retailers on the SaaS platform. The offers can be then pushed to people who have the Delight Circle app. An discount offer to someone near the shop or walking past is likely to increase the chances of a walk in.

It is easy to confuse Delight Circle with a Check-in app, but Baid begs to differ. The company’s focus is on search and discovery and the experience is designed around that instead of check-ins.

“We believe the concept of check-in is dead – in fact foursquare that pioneered check-in’s has also pivoted to search, discovery and recommendation. Merchant’s don’t need check-in’s they need actual walk-ins,” said Baid.

Delight Circle has also launched an augmented reality feature as well as a feature called Mall on their revamped mobile app. The users can scope out offers and discounts from nearly 175 malls signed up on the platform right from their mobile phones.

Geofencing, is another capability the company has launched. Merchants can use the Delight Circle platform to create a geofence and whenever a DelightCircle user comes into the geofence, based on the users preferences, the merchant is notified.

The app is available on Android, iPhone and Blackberry and also works over text messages.

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