Of Customer Service, Amul And Social Media [Where Is The Damn Globe?]

So Amul was in controversy recently for a facebook post by a lady called Neha Tomar who got suspicious of Amul ingredients when she started making cheese out of the milk.

AMUL MILK : Dangerously Sweet?

..”noticed that the milk has got sour she went to the respective vendor from whom we have purchased it, but the vendor refused to take it back. She came back home and thought of making cheese out of the milk and when we started boiling the milk, within 2 min what came out is shown in these pictures. It is some dangerous substance that came out. I thank to god that my family did not consumed this milk. I wonder what would have happened if we would have consumed this”

Amul immediately did the damage control, went to her home, showed her how it is done and clarified the issue.
They did win a few brownie points and reinforced the faith millions of Indians have on them.
Amul also went ahead and alleged her.

“However, it may be noted that Ms Neha posted her grievance on her Facebook page on 9th October, a day prior to her informing us about the same. Ms Neha Tomar’s post on Facebook on 9th Oct, screenshot attached.
Our officials asked the customer that if she has faced the problem on 10th Oct, how is it possible for you to post the same on 9th on Facebook? We now see that the timing of her post has been changed to 10th.
We do not understand that why the consumer used her official position to make such complaint without knowing the fact.
The customer when contacted and replacement was provided on 11th Oct, was requested to update her post with a clarification of her satisfaction with explanation provided by us. However it took more than 48 hours for the consumer to mention the same on her wall. She even told that our officers that she will update the same post on 13th evening. But till time of posting this, it has not been updated with correct information. Also, the facts have been carefully concealed by her to generate and sustain the hype.”

There is a problem with the pic Amul posted. Try spotting it.

Amul : Edited Pics?
You know what’s wrong with this pic? Facebook ALWAS shows whether a post is public or shared with few individuals.
This is the original post by Neha Tomar. Check the globe icon.
Original Post By Neha Tomar
And now, check what Amul has posted to prove that the lady was trying to create a hype.
Amul : Edited Pics?
Where is the damn globe, Amul? 
From what it looks like, this is a bad job of using Firebug or Chrome’s ‘Inspect Element’ or maybe, photoshop? Plus, if the customer had edited her status, it will show ‘Edited’ (Facebook displays Edited), which means Amul’s allegations are all made up?
It DOES look like as if Amul edited the pics in order to make the customer look like a villian.
What are your thoughts?
Where is the damn globe, Amul? Where?
[Guest piece by Hiren . With edits by NextBigWhat team]

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