An entrepreneur’s mind

Entrepreneurs, without a doubt to me, are the most important people on earth. For they create goods and services which creates value for everyone and drives human society forward. In the quest for creating value, they often innovate, making continuous progress.

There is a fundamental difference between how entrepreneurs look at the world and how others do. An entrepreneur thinks about the problems existing in the world, things which are broken and, needs unfulfilled.

What makes entrepreneurs different

It begins with the question, “what is there to solve/create right now?” Then the next step is how I would do it. Then they acquire skills, capital and support to go ahead with building the solution. The beginning is from the world and then the “I” gets attention. This is outside-inward thinking. Clearly, entrepreneurs are opportunistic. They must come up with the right solution at the right time using available resources in order to have reasonable chances of success.
How others think
Others, which arguably is most of the people, think from the inside-outward. It begins with the question, “what can I do/offer?” Then they look at where they can take their skill set and fit in. They find suitable places where they can create value with their current skill sets. The notable difference is they start with “I” and then comes the world. Nothing wrong with this kind of mindset, it is quite limiting, with little room for reinventing oneself.
Entrepreneurs can’t afford to limit themselves with self image trap.

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