And the Best Performing CEO Award goes to Steve Jobs

This news is no surprise, Steve Jobs  tops the charts with #1 CEO on the Harvard business review list. His contribution to the growth of Apple is mind blowing: increased market value by $ 150 B, delivered industry-adjusted return 3,188% (34% compounded annually) and influenced market factor of 3.1 year-over-year.

The return of Jobs gave new lease of life to Apple as it is in doldrums in 1997.Back in July, Apple reported third quarter results, $ 8.34 B in revenue and earnings of $ 1.35 per share. These numbers shows the success of product development of iPhone, iPod and the Macbook. Jobs’ attitude towards creating high technology with simple user interfaces product made Apple to reach zenith.

A man known as the hardest working CEO in Silicon Valley became finalist for Time magazine’s 2009 “Person of the Year” and Fortune called “CEO of the Decade” to Steve Jobs. Undoubtedly, this Year belongs to Jobs.

Good news for Indians: Mukesh D. Ambani ranks 5th among best – performing CEOs in the world. Interestingly Steve Balmer of Microsoft is not even among the top 100. Another noteworthy fact is that six of the top 10 CEOs belong to technology-related companies.

Whats your take on Steve Jobs? Do you think Steve Jobs deserves top rank? Who do you think are most under performing CEOs? Whom do you rank the best – performing CEO in India?

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