And We are 2 Years Old.. [Happy Birthday!]

Jan 31st – and we are two years old !


I started as an attempt to be of some help to tech startups..and it’s amazing that what started as a fun activity is now going full steam.

Some stats of general interest (as of writing this post):

  • 1,858 Posts
  • ~2,000 registered users @ ecosystem [register, if you haven’t]

First of all, thanks to all of you for providing all the support and sharing your insights/perception – we have been blessed with an active community and it shows up in the quality of discussions I have witnessed @

Road Ahead

Few months back, we launched – which hosts Indian startup directory, Indian VC directory, Tech Events in India, very active startup job board and startup forum – we are revamping the entire site and adding few useful features as well.

Fun Time

As always, I look forward to feedback from you all. Help us improve by telling us what else would you like to see @

Of course, it’s time for me to do an introspection (did you notice the lesser number of posts in the last few days?) on how to add value and not get into the rat race of visits/pageviews etc..

Again, thanks to all ye people (it would have been a lonely journey otherwise!)

PS: Interestingly, many of our fav products (WordPress, Orkut) celebrate their birthdays in the month of Jan too! We hope to live up to the standards!

If you are a parent, you would know the meaning of the word ‘Terrible Two’ – its a time when kids go unruly and show aggression! Expect some of those tantrums in the coming days 🙂

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