AppSurfer Wants to be the for Android App Developers


AppSurfer Wants to be the for Android App Developers


Are you an app developer looking to showcase your app? Well one firm that has been taking app discovery seriously is AppSurfer and we can go as far as saying they are probably an app developer’s best friend.

The company has now released a product  called ‘Talking app Pages’  which allows Android app developers to set up a promotion app page where they can showcase an interactive demo of their app along with related app information.

While most app developers provide screen shots and a short video clipping of their apps, the best way to experience an app is to actually use it. So with Talking app pages people could try out the app before deciding on whether they should download it or not.

Apart from just testing the app, the Talking app Page also gives information like the cost of the app, which version of Android it is available for, the number of downloads and also links to the Google Play Store and also social networking sites. It also has a description of the app along with screenshots.

This page is optimized for mobile, tablet, desktop browsers.

Developers can create their own sub-domain on AppSurfer eg. and then can direct users to the webpage.

The company also released an ‘App Feedback’ page, which lets developers showcase their apps prelaunch and get user feedback and input instantly.

The AppSurfer Journey So Far

Apart from the showcasing apps on the AppSurfer website, AppSurfer has embed codes for blogs and websites, AppSurfer can also be used on Facebook. If someone shares an AppSurfer app link with their Facebook status update, the app can be tested directly in their feed by any of their friends even if they don’t even own an Android handset.

Just a few months back AppSurfer released an Android app which allowed users to try out apps on their phone before downloading it. Earlier this year it had added support for Android tablet apps.

Amit Yadav, who is the co-founder and business head of AppSurfer, told us in March that AppSurfer had over 5,000 developers signed up for the platform and that they were seeing over 60,000 unique users per month. In March, there were over 3,500 apps listed on AppSurfer.

App Surfer received an early Rs 1 crore investment commitment from One97 Mobility Fund and has Games2Win founder, Alok Kejriwal to its board. The service was originally launched as DroidCloud at UnPluggd and later rebranded to AppSurfer which was showcased at the Appnomy conference.

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