iDubba’s Android app iCouch will let you interact with your TV Live!

Now all ‘Greys Anatomy’ fans watching the season 7 of the program can interact with all other followers of the program through iCouch, a new live TV social app by iDubba, a NCR based startup.

iDubba’s app has been launched in partnership with Zee Café starting with the program “Grey’s Anatomy” season 7. The service lets you chat while the program is running and capture your favorite scenes. More new shows and programs will soon be added to the service.

This is a milestone for iDubba, as TV viewers (and channels) have been using Facebook / Twitter for sharing the ‘gossip’; and iDubba trying to become the ‘third social screen‘ isn’t going to be easy (maybe, the channels want to to own/control the social chatter/content as well?)

Key features of the app:

  • iCouch will brings partner shows/events so that you can access the content of the program you follow like trivia, wallpapers, videos, quizzes and polls inapp.
  • Capture your favorite scenes from TV and share, ‘Like’ chats and view popular chats/friends’ chat through tab based views.
  • Access quizzes and contests for multiple programs. Win contest prizes, merchandises etc.
  • The app Integrates and pulls out friends automatically from your contact list, a function similar to the Whatsapp style integration.
  • A feature to send free TV alerts to friends will be added soon.
  • Display your chats live on  the TV screen with a few of the partnered shows.Currently this feature is available on Zee Cafe channel during Grey’s Anatomy telecasts.

Last year iDubba had raised angel money from a group of angel investors including Rajan Anandan, Srikant Sastri (Vivaki India head), Abhishek Rungta/Pallav Nadhani (Seeders).

The iCouch app can be downloaded from the Google play store here.

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