Android Apps For Health Freaks [Appnomy Collection]

The Android Market is full of apps for health freaks, from calorie counters to trainers and health tips. But finding the right one for you can take a lot of time. Today we give you our pick of the best health apps out there for your Android phones.

When you think of health apps, we think of our personal gym trainers first. This app is just that, a customized personal trainer that will guide you through the exercises that you need to perform, a small animation plugin that is freely available shows demonstrations of the chosen exercise. The interface of this app is simple, neat and easy to use.Some of the advanced features in this app include creating your own profile and tracking your progress in great detail. It almost feels  like you don’t need a real life trainer. This comprehensive fitness trainer and tracker is a must have for the health conscious.

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2) WebMD
Having the right information about illnesses can be important and for those that are not sufficiently informed, here’s an app that will literally diagnose your health on the spot no matter where you are. The app will help you diagnose your medical condition and even suggest remedies for the problem you may be facing. The app is simple and has a lot of tools. One very impressive feature that is included is the local search, but sadly this feature doesn’t work perfectly. All in all a awesome app that just missed the perfect score.

wmd wmd2

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3) Calorie counter My fitness pal.
Watching what you eat is almost as important as exercise, I’m sure all you health conscious folk out there will agree. While there are many calorie counter apps available this one was particularly interesting. Not only is it feature packed but also really easy to use. The online search built into the app makes the app super fun to use. You can keep a daily diary to track food consumption and even see the break up of the foods that you have consumed by nutrient type ( fat, sugar, proteins etc.). The app automatically syncs to an online account that you can track with your PC. A super app for calorie tracking!

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4) Recipes
A healthy diet is as important as exercise and so here’s a cool app that will give you loads of cooking options for after the workouts. This amazingly uncomplicated and fun to use app will provide you with a huge collection of recipes. But there’s more, the app even lets you store your own recipes and  share them via your phone. There are even built in forums where you can find some pretty interesting topics of discussion. If you love to cook your own food in a healthy way, definitely give this app a try!

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5) White Noise Lite.
All fitness freaks will agree that the resting period after exercises is as important as the exercise itself. White noise has a collection of sounds that are said to relax you and enhance your deep sleep experience. Just select the sound you think is most relaxing to you and put yourself to sleep. A negative of this app is the battery consumption, but hook your phone up to the bedside charger and you should be fine. A paid version of the app has even more sounds. Deep sleep or not, the sounds are definitely relaxing.

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Do share with us if you have come across any other interesting app.

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