Notion Ink, Smart Tablet from an Indian Startup Joins the ‘Tablet War’

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Notion Ink, Smart Tablet from an Indian Startup Joins the ‘Tablet War’

2010 is the year of tablets. Both Microsoft and Apple are launching their tablet PCs this month and now an Indian startup, Notion Ink is launching it’s smart tablet at CES.

Notion Ink tablet is based on NVIDIA Tegra, T20 chipset supporting 1080p Full HD video playback, has integrated WiFi, Bluetooth and UMTS/HSDPA and uses Pixel Qi transflective display for outside viewing.

We recently went to Taiwan. And to our understanding, and major ODM’s fear, we can definitely say, that Apple IS cooking up something. Even if one of the ODMs is their manufacturer, the fact that their other non-Apple group would suffer is a big burden for them. We talked to all. And we tried to explain them, that product is not going to win the next generation of computing device race. It’s the CONTENT. We tried our hard to make them realize, when Apple launches their product, they will have a very beautiful device, the best UI which a tablet can feature, and to support all that, one of the best content delivery systems (their recent acquisition are big hints). All this would again usher a big group of people making application for them. And then again the normal product manufacturers would be left.

We are not going to do to this mistake. That is why we have already made quite a few collaborations, and many more are in the pipeline. We would release our own SDK later next year for the bigger screen application development. We would help the open community as much as we can, so there is already lot of content there, before we hit the market. Designing on Android if way easier than on any other OSes. – founding team

Android based NotionInk Smart Tablet
NotionInk Smart Tablet

Notion Ink tablet weighs 1.71lbs and measures 6.3 x 9.8 x 0.6 inches (via) and will use the regular Android UI (gesture support).

Will update with more details as and when we get them.

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