DroidJuice lets you share your Droid battery status with the world (and compare smartphones on battery life)

How long is the battery life of your smartphone? While the manufacturers claim nothing more than superficial numbers (tested *under ideal conditions*), there surely is a need to get the actual battery life of smartphones out in the real world (under real conditions).

App development company, Ideophone has launched DroidJuice app that lets you share your phone’s battery status with anyone and eventually compare Android phones’ actual battery life.


The app also nicely tells you how the battery life fares over the entire day. Upcoming feature includes sharing the battery status over social networks (Facebook/Twitter).

DroidJuice Stats
DroidJuice Stats

While this is a good way to crowdsource battery status real numbers, the team should look at gratifying the user also – assuming they want to make this a more meaningful app product that churns out reports that can be sold to smartphone OEMs/play a part in consumer’s smartphone buying decision process.

Do download the app and share your battery status.

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