Android browser most popular mobile browser worldwide, though entirely different story in India

The mobile explosion is certainly gathering more momentum as millions on mobile users in India look to get online through these devices. Recently, we came across interesting data collected by StatCounter tool that Android browser edged out Opera to claim the title of the most popular mobile browser worldwide.


The India story, however is completely different.

Mobile Browsers: The India Story

While Opera is the number one mobile browser in India, Android browser doesn’t even feature in the top 3. In fact, its clear that after Opera, Nokia is ruling the browser market owing to the device penetration the company has.


India: Mobile Vs. Desktop


Though the number of users that use their mobile phones to get online is growing at a healthy rate, but for the first time in the last one year the percentage of mobile users dropped when compared to desktop Internet users.


A look at the current mobile OS share in India gives us a better understanding of what makes opera such a popular browser in India.

Browser War in India


Chrome continues to grow from strength to strength but Mozilla’s Firefox is in no mood to give up, not just yet.


Just like mobile, the desktop browser story worldwide differs greatly to the scenario in India.

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[About the data: Statcounter GS data is collected from sites running the Statcounter script, so do not treat this data as absolute data, but instead use it as a relative study/ranking of the state of mobile Internet in India.]

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