UPDATE: Google Starts Rolling Out Android Device Manager To users


UPDATE: Google Starts Rolling Out Android Device Manager To users

Update: Google has started to roll out the Android device manager service to users. Using this new update users will be able to track and disable their lost or stolen Android device.

Earlier: Lost your Android phone? Worry no more. Android Device Manager is here to help you. The soon to be launched update to the application will help you find lost phones and also keep the data saved inside safe and secure.

Until now Android users had to rely on third party apps like Android Lost, Phone Locator, Wheres My Droid and many others to track their lost or misplaced Android devices.

This won’t be the case anymore. Once the Device Manager is updated, it will allow you to locate the device on the map in real time and also ring the phone at maximum volume, even if it is in the silent mode. You will also be able safeguard the data on the device by being able to remotely wipe the phone completely, in case the phone cannot be recovered or is stolen.

Android Tracker

An app for the device might also be launched along with the update. Once launched, the service will be available to all phones running Android 2.2 or above. A Google Account will also be required.

iOS has had its own version of the app called ‘Find My iPhone’ for some time now. Using the app, iOS users could locate, play a sound at full volume for 2 minutes, remotely lock/wipe their device.

This was one of the iOS in-built features that Android users would have wanted on their device.


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