There Are Now Over 24,000 Distinct Android Devices From 1,300 Brands: Report


There Are Now Over 24,000 Distinct Android Devices From 1,300 Brands: Report

There are over a billion Android handset in use today, which is great for developers who’re building apps for the platform, however, there are quite a few manufacturers out there vying for a shot to get into the consumer’s pockets.

According to OpenSignal, which collects wireless data giving a wealth of information about devices in use today, there are 24,093 distinct Android smartphone models from 1,294 brands, which is a vastly different picture from just 3 years ago.

Over 1,000 of the Android smartphone brands seen this year didn’t even exist back in 2012. While Samsung devices continue to dominate, the biggest change is from previous years is the growth of these small companies chipping away at its dominance.

OpenSignal notes that Samsung’s market share fell from 47% in 2012 to 37.8% in 2015 despite the overall Android smartphone market registering growth.

Device Fragmentation

The data is collected only from devices that have OpenSignal’s app installed on them, so it might not be a 100% accurate. Moreover, with the Play Store’s lack of availability in China, the data leaves out the world’s largest smartphone market.

Brand Fragmentation

Here the chart shows the smartphone market divide in terms of manufacturer. While Samsung is still in the lead, the more noticeable change is the growth of smaller companies that are chipping away at its dominance.

Operating System Fragmentation

While there are 24,000 distinct Android devices in the market today, that problem doesn’t bug app developers as much as this one. Android version fragmentation is a huge problem, but there has been some stabilisation in the past one year with KitKat growing in dominance.

Comparison With iOS

Wonder why a lot of developers prefer iOS over Android? Here’s a chart that explains it all.

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