Android Game Downloads in India Up by 60%: Mobango App Store


Android Game Downloads in India Up by 60%: Mobango App Store

In 2013 Android game downloads on Mobango‘s app store increased by nearly 60% over the prior year, with 45 million downloads, the company has said.

The year 2013 also saw an increase of over 56%, in the number of Android downloads primarily due to users shifting from feature phones to smart phones, said the company which added that the mobile gaming market in India is estimated to be about US$ 100m and growing at about 30-40% per annum.

Mobango is an app, games and video store and serves users primarily on the Android and Java platforms.  The free app store delivers nearly  270 mn downloads of apps, games and videos per annum with India being its single largest market.

The growing Indian mobile gaming market, due to higher penetration of Android in 2013, also led to an increase in Android games published. Titles from developers such as Indiagames / Disney, Herocraft, GP Imports, Digital Chocolate, Deemedya, Reliance Games and other Indian game developers also increased.

The total games uploaded on the app store by both existing and new developers exceeded 15,000 new titles in the last year. A majority of these games uploaded were for the Android platform and only 20% of titles where Java games.

Java traffic and downloads continued to be significant portion of traffic in 2013. Nearly 65% of all downloads.

An average size of Android games on the app store is approximately 8-10 MB and nearly 40% of games have sizes of more than 10 MB. These new large file sizes indicate better graphics and game complexities. This large file size at times can be a download constraint for customers.

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With nearly 60% of Mobango Android users on Wi-fi or 3G networks, a faster growth in 3G users in 2014 would help Android users access more games.

The top manufacturer by visits for Android were Samsung followed by Micromax, Sony Ericsson and HTC. On the Java platform Nokia is still the leader with Models like Nokia C series and Asha series.

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Medium screen size Android devices (screen size above 240 but below 400 pixels) have the largest share of traffic, though this is changing rapidly to larger screen devices (above 400 pixels).

Nearly 85% of all titles have in-app advertisement powered by SDKs from various ad networks like Google, Vserv, Inneractive and others.

Only about 15% games currently have in-app purchases using mobile operator billing or Google Play billing.

Action games were the top downloaded games with a share of 32% of total Android gaming category and 37% in other platforms.

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