Google Launches Newsstand in India. Will Indians Buy (Anything) On Android?

Google is on a roll in India. The company launched Android One in India, announced offline Youtube access on Android One devices and has also launched Newsstand in India (in partnership with 30 publishers including India Today/NDTV/Forbes India etc).

Google Newsstand in India
Google Newsstand in India

Will Indians buy (anything) on Android?

India is an Android nation, but unfortunately Indians do not buy on Android (1 year back, half of Android users didn’t even have data plan). Google is smartly bundling Newsstand free for one year for all customers who are on Android One – i.e. the company is trying to hook them up and eventually plans to show value to developers, who are mostly living well below the app poverty line.

App Developer Revenue : Not a Happy World
App Developer Revenue : Not a Happy World

So far, the Android story in India has mostly been about a ‘great looking smartphone’, but there has been very little monetization angle to Android.

Serious app developers and publishers prefer iOS when it comes to monetization.

Will this change with Android One? We don’t think so (unless there is operator billing integration enabling micro-payments).

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