Android’s On-Body Unlock Function Makes Sure You Don’t Miss Apple’s TouchID

Google recently began rolling out the on-body detection feature for devices running Android 5.0 and up, allowing users to unlock their devices once and then continue to do so without re-entering a PIN as long as it never leaves that person.
The feature is one among the long list of additions on Android to make smartphones both safe and seamless to use. Apple has solved the issue through its TouchID biometric authentication system that requires a long press of the home screen to unlock an iOS device.
However, with majority of Google’s partner manufacturers staying away from fingerprint scanning tech, the company is being forced to come up with easy unlock alternatives that don’t compromise a device’s security.
Trusted Places, Trusted Devices and Trusted Face were few features we saw being rolled out with Android Lollipop, and On-Body Unlock becomes a part of those features. The best part about the above features – they don’t require any additional hardware to work, meaning even users of low-cost devices that skimp on the latest and best hardware have access to them.
Early reviews of the feature say it isn’t fool-proof, but we’re going to reserve our judgement for after we’ve actually used the feature. The Trusted Devices and Faces features work pretty seamlessly, and there’s no reason why On-Body Unlock shouldn’t be similar.
[Source: Android Police]

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