Why Android One Is Google’s Most Strategic Masterstroke Ever!

Win for Android! Win for Consumers! Ultimate win for Google!

[Ediorial Notes : Android One is the NextBigWhat for Google. The stock-android-affordable device will make a big dent in the market – not just devices, but also OS. Here is a guest piece by Prasun Jain, who is an ex P&G supplier relationship manager and now started the barter.li app] 

Android One: Google’s most strategic masterstroke! Better than what Tim Cook negotiated for Apple’s iPhone.

Developers across the world, sit up and take notice. I am making a prediction – Android One’s launch in India is going to be the most ground-breaking and successful mobile phone launch ever in the history of mankind.

Android One
Android One

As someone who launched an Android app (barter.li) and an ex-P&G supplier relationship manager (Global Purchasing) I strongly believe that Android One is the single most strategic breakthrough achieved by Sundar Pichai & team. This along with Google’s previous strategic intervention via Motorola in India(Moto-E/G/X + 360) will give Google extreme power to drive uniformity in mobile hardware which we all so highly desire.

Due to Google’s massive advertisement reach and huge success of Motorola’s launch strategy in India there is no doubt in the success of Android One’s launch success. I think it is going to be the most successful mobile launch ever in the entire history of mobile launches.

Also since now Google will help in sourcing of mobile phone components by mandating what parts go into the phones (hence also deciding the suppliers), the resulting lowering of component prices will give consumers a great option in terms of the right priced mobile phone with the latest Android features. I strongly believe that the Indian consumer is going to buy this phone in a massive unprecedented way.


With Google marketing and selling this mobile phone (read here), mass sourcing standard components (they get cheaper) – Micromax and others will be able to sell volume due to low price but with respectable margins and Google will ship latest stock Android version.

With this successful in India, Google will surely take this winning streak into other developing markets like Indonesia, Russia, Brazil etc. And this wave of Android One is going to set the foundation for creating the most lucrative uniform mobile platform(for getting users now and money later) to set the way for Google’s true dominion of the mobile future.

Win for Android! Win for Consumers! Ultimate win for Google!

I am excited about this soon to come tsunami of Android One in India and gearing up to build my next startup to ride the wave.

Are you?

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