Android Mobile Web in India : Android users are mostly male (94%)


Android Mobile Web in India : Android users are mostly male (94%)

When it comes to Android, the possibilities of choice are unlimited. There is a huge variety of devices to choose from across brands, sizes and price ranges the choices don’t stop just there and once a user gets the phone he/she can also customize the phone endlessly. One can also choose which browser to use. There are a number of browsers available for Android like Firefox, Chrome, UC Browser, Dolphin etc. Opera Mini is one of the most popular ones since it compresses data and hence pages load faster.

Opera has released a special report about browsing behavior of Opera Mini users on Android in India which shows the regular findings such as Facebook and news & information being popular but also a few surprises  like the number of people visiting e-commerce and  price comparison websites growing rapidly.  The report basically reveals the browsing habits of Opera Mini users in India.

Keys Findings of the report

During the period of the study, Opera saw the number of smartphone users go up by 136.6% and the number of Android users go up by 62%.

Facebook is by far the most popular website visited on Opera Mini with 21.7% of all data used and 72.9% of all pages used by the website.

Though news & information websites had the most number of websites in the top 100 with 28%, e-commerce is picking up and is second with 17% beating social networking sites (8%) and search (10%).

The popularity of e-commerce is also seen with 50% of the top visited domains being news & information, search, price comparison and e-commerce websites.

When it came to smartphones, Samsung ruled the market with 9 out of the top being Samsung devices. Interestingly Micromax and Karbonn consisted of 15% and 5% of the top 100 devices accessing Opera Mini. Also in the top 10 devices, 9 of them cost less than Rs 10,000.,, sulekha.comm, and were the top 5 websites in the e-commerce category.
In the travel category, the top 4 websites were related to the railways –,,,

Opera also found out that its Android users were predominantly male (94%), Between the ages of 18 to 24 (65%) and lived in urban areas (55%).

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